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9 steps to successful strategic IT sourcing

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How to address the major GDPR implications? Our key guidelines

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The role of Artificial Intelligence in network management

Cognitive computing has gained an admirable track record of systematic problem solving over the past decade. When IBM’s supercomputer Watson first appeared on the television quiz show Jeopardy! back in 2011, its ability to compete with (and outperform) human intellect was found most remarkable. Since then, Watson’s performance has increased by 2,400% and is today employed by over 350 Watson […]

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Developing a global network strategy for a multinational fashion retailer

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Enterprise mobility services are moving fast – can you keep up?

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The rise of the hybrid network model

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SIAM – How to create an effective model

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Phygital commerce: transforming the point of sale

‘Phygital’ Commerce is the positioning of the online offering of the company in its physical sales network, and the standards of the modern point of sale (POS) are moving in this direction. For example, fashion retail brands have equipped themselves with connected touch-sensitive mirrors providing the customers with the possibility of taking a photograph of themselves while trying on clothes […]

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The traditional retail sales models disrupted in the digital age

The rise in the power of the web is turning organisations upside down at all levels, disrupting the traditional retail sales models and is forcing companies to adjust their customer service strategies. These challenges have sparked debates on the development of sales and sales function with the questions like; what are the factors contributing to this transformation? Is there still […]

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Is there a business model behind phygital commerce?


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