At Wavestone we are committed to working with our clients to overcome their specific sector challenges.

Financial services

The financial services sector is continually adapting to rapidly changing market and regulatory environments. Firms need to respond effectively to this challenging new world. Read more…

Food & drink

Food and drink companies face significant challenges including globalisation, operating in emerging markets, increasing marketing effectiveness and delivering cost savings. These challenges facing the food and drink sector can be dealt with, through our specialist focus on IT. Read more…


The long time-to-market, expiring patents, decline in R&D productivity, the growing emergence of generics in the market place, etc. are all challenges that must be faced to remain competitive. IT can help to overcome these challenges.  Read more…


The retail industry is experiencing a period of significant change. As competition intensifies and consumer purchase behaviour changes, retailers are having to adapt their business to transform the customer experience.  Read more…

Travel & transport

Technology is opening up new possibilities to engage with customers and trading partners whilst budgets remain under severe pressure. Read more…


UK Government is driving a transformation agenda to deliver public services digital by default. This agenda has delivered savings by combining buying power and ensuring that major projects are delivered on time and within budget.  This agenda is reliant on IT.  Read more…


Smart Grid, micro-generation and demanding regulations – are your IT services ready for the new challenges faced by your business? Read more…

Oil & gas

The oil & gas industry is facing increased complexity and challenges whilst maintaining a competitive edge. The strategic application of IT can help the oil & gas industry to successfully meet these challenges by enabling the operational flexibility and efficiency required to remain competitive in a dynamic market. Read more…

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