We help you raise awareness and practice cyber crisis management processes in your organisation or stress test your existing crisis management teams in order to better prepare for and cope with a real time cyber attack

Increase in the number and intensity of cyber attacks that result in hacked devices, crashed websites, stolen personal information or intellectual property can result in financial and reputational crisis for an organisation. No organisation can be assured full cybersecurity, so organisations need to develop cyber crisis management practice within the business to deal with any potential future crisis situation and manage the risks.

Wavestone provides organisations with cyber crisis management services that focus on multiple elements. These include; raising awareness; practicing crisis management processes; and stress testing the existing crisis management team. Practicing cyber crisis management involves all dimensions (forensics/technical investigation, business continuity, communication & PR, legal, etc.) and aspects of a typical cyber crisis (uncertainty, evolving and propagating threat, etc.). At the end of the exercise, we formalise the lessons learnt and provide our recommendations to improve the management of cyber crisis in future.

Our teams can offer cyber crisis management services at different levels depending on organisation’s needs and maturity. These vary from a basic paper-based exercise (for awareness purposes) to working with multiple crisis units on a complex scenario with a wider business contribution.

Our typical cyber crisis management engagement delivers the following benefits:

  • An awareness exercise with business line/ security/ compliance/ communications and IT teams
  • A realistic crisis management exercise with 1 crisis management team
  • A detailed debrief with key recommendations

Wavestone can deliver a highly valuable cyber crisis management engagement tailored to your organisational needs within 4 weeks.

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