We support you to assess how well your current business model can adapt to digital change and determine the readiness of your current service provision

Digital technologies are constantly disrupting established business models. In order to maintain competitiveness and operational efficiency, it is important to effectively leverage the opportunities that digital transformation can deliver. Our Digital Readiness Assessment has been developed to help organisations understand the impact of likely change on their current IT operating model/ service provision and to identify those actions needed to be ready to react.

The digital readiness assessment involves 4 key stages:

  • Gather – stakeholder Interviews to document current landscape, applying specific focus on agreed assessment areas. Data capture to collate evidential information to back up interview findings
  • Analyse – review and analyse audit questionnaire response and evidential information. Perform SWOT analysis and develop tower based review. Consolidate to create a holistic cross functional view
  • Develop – formulate recommendations for actions to facilitate change to deliver meaningful benefits. Develop strategic roadmap of initiatives to address risks identified. Includes small quick-win actions and longer-term investment recommendations
  • Socialise – replay our findings to finalise and formalise the recommendations with internal stakeholders. Present recommendations to key stakeholders and facilitate discussions about next steps

We combine our specialist knowledge, our experience in evaluating a range of organisations similar to yours and our tried-and-tested structured methodology to determine your IT environment’s digital readiness to adapt to and support digitally driven business change.

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