GB Smart metering implementation programme with DECC

GB Smart metering implementation programme with DECC


The UK Government recently completed the complex procurement of first generation smart meter data and communications services for the GB energy market. The resulting licence and four IT contracts, worth more than £2.2 billion, provide the shared infrastructure required to roll out smart meters across Great Britain by the end of 2020.

Delivering a successful outcome for the uniquely complex GB energy market required an innovative commercial strategy and procurement approach, incorporating simultaneous competitions across multiple disciplines on behalf of diverse service users and in an environment of evolving requirements and an emerging regulatory landscape.

The project

The market for the required services was immature and we knew that, without strong competition, it would be difficult to contract for the required scope of services within the business case cost estimates. So we used our combined knowledge of the IT services market and public-sector contracts to define a ‘lot’ strategy that created strong market appetite for each competition and encouraged best-of-breed suppliers to take part.


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