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Network strategy and sourcing advice for a major UK water utility company

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The future of energy – smart enablers

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Technical glitch at the Bank of England: CHAPS payment system

The Bank of England (BoE) suffered a major technical glitch to its £277 bn-a-day CHAPs payment system leaving many high value transactions unable to be processed for nearly 10 hours. This is an embarrassing case for the BoE who is currently investigating a number of bank ‘s IT infrastructure capability following recent high-profile technical glitches at UK banks. The outage […]

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Technology convergence. What does this mean for future IT management structures?

Information technology continues to develop at an astonishing rate. As part of this development, more often we are seeing a convergence of networks, server and storage technologies into unified solutions built on a common technology stack. This is becoming especially noticeable where organisations are looking to build “private cloud” style infrastructure to deliver a shared technology service into the business. There […]

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“Utelco” – fibre for a balanced business model

High engineering costs and construction logistics are significant barriers to setting up large scale fibre networks. Keeping costs down while maximising connectivity can be challenging for organisations that don’t already have the required infrastructure in place. This places utility (electricity, gas and water) companies in a unique position to provide cost effective fibre connectivity. Over the years utility companies have […]

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UK needs ‘radical’ new approach to broadband

Public Service Europe published an article, written by Harry McDermott on the UK’s broadband strategy, which is dogged by the same problems that existed two decades ago and compares unfavourably with other European countries. To say the recent British House of Lords select committee broadband report met with a lukewarm reception would be something of an understatement. The industry and […]

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Can Vodafone digest CWW or has it bitten off more than it can chew?

Today Vodafone has confirmed its commitment to transform itself into a full service telco by agreeing to buy Cable & Wireless Worldwide (CWW). The acquisition provides a welcome boost to Vodafone’s enterprise business through obtaining a raft of key central government and other critical national infrastructure IT contracts and will give Vodafone the infrastructure with which to manage the growth in […]

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Shell shocked – ICB ring-fencing

In its January/February edition, FS Tech published an ICB report. As part of this, in the article entitled ‘Shell shocked’ it explores the ICB’s recommendation that Britain’s banks build a ring-fence around their retail operations, separating them from investment banking arms. Mathew Wells at Wavestone was quoted: “It is true to say that the ring-fencing reforms have not come at a good […]

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Ofcom 4G plans – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Whereas Ofcom’s announcement of the 4G spectrum auction plans for the UK is a welcome and important development in the UK telecommunications market, one can’t help feeling that it reads like the script for ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. “The Good” is the proactive and diligent effort to manage a scarce and valuable resource (ie the national radio […]

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Retail bank ring-fence – what do banks need to do in 2012?

Banks need to start thinking about finalising their plans for implementing a retail bank ring-fence. The challenge for CIOs and senior IT managers as well as senior strategy executives within universal banking organisations is to understand what activities they need to set in motion now in order to be compliant from 2015. Given that a ring-fence will result in a […]

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