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Sourcing support to move from single global outsource to a multi-sourced model

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Will the service integrator be more prevalent within Financial Services in the future?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has recently provided guidance on outsourcing arrangements in their Consultation Guidance 15/6 ‘Proposed guidance for firms outsourcing to the ‘cloud’ and other third-party IT services’.  What is particularly interesting within the detail is the FCA’s take on how often outsourcing arrangements within financial services organisations are complex or have become increasingly complex within the wider […]

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IT Procurement – 3 steps to manage the risks of digitalisation

At a recent European IT Procurement Conference, Chris Argent from Wavestone participated in a panel discussion which explored how technology changes require sourcing processes to be adapted. In particular, the shift towards digitalisation (in customer service and operational delivery) has introduced increased risks for business and customer data. In our in view, there are three key steps the procurement and […]

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IT sourcing trends in Financial Services

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Outsourcing innovation – key considerations

New research from sourcing advisor Aecus (formerly Alsbridge) suggests that 77% of UK outsourcing buyers say they have achieved business innovation through their outsourcing deals. However in our experience, many outsourcing customers complain that they are not achieving the level of innovation from their suppliers that they had envisaged. And often suppliers complain that their customers are not specific in […]

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Do outsourced deals inhibit business agility?

Heathrow CIO Neil Clark recently stated that Europe’s busiest airport could consider moving away from its fully outsourced IT model and bring some of the “areas close to business agility in the digital space” back in house. Currently, Heathrow’s technology team of just over 100 operate a fully outsourced / multisourced model resulting from a strategic deal with Capgemini, due […]

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Outsourcing 2.0: achieving collaboration in multi-sourcing

Outsourcing IT has always been a key strategic decision for large organisations. Outsourcing deals have evolved over the years from single supplier sourcing to multi supplier sourcing. More recently some outsourcing arrangements have included an independent service integrator, also referred to as SIAM (Service Integration and Management function). In our latest insight we have referred to ‘Outsourcing 2.0’ to highlight […]

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Outsourcing 2.0: Establishing a collaborative eco-system

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Webcast: Delivering IT connectivity in emerging markets

This webcast addresses the IT challenge for large organisations expanding into emerging markets. Such is the rapid pace of change in terrestrial IT connectivity and pricing models in these markets that organisations need to adopt a more flexible approach to sourcing IT in these regions.

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Guaranteeing cost savings in voice outsourcing

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